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If you are adept at needle work then all that you need to do is to understand the manner in which you need to move the needle and the thread in order to create great needlepoint work. At the same time this art requires a lot of concentration if you want to create something that is beautiful and worth appreciating. Once you learn to do needlepoint work, you shall be able to create a variety of patterns by just tracing the most difficult designs and starting to use the wonder of your needlepoint expertise.

You can also find commercial designs for needlepoint in different forms - hand painted canvas, printed canvas, trimmed canvas, charted canvas and free form too. Needlepoint can also be used to create different patterns that include shadow work, lite stitching, blackwork and pattern darning. There is actually no end to the patterns that you can create as long as your creativity helps you.

How to do the continental stitch in needlepoint?

The continental stitch is probably one of the easiest stitches that there are in needlepoint. What you need is a canvas that you are comfortable handling, a needle and a thread. If you are just practicing the continental stitch you can choose any yarn and any piece of canvas. On the other hand, if you starting off on your project make sure that you buy the supplies that have been detailed in the...


How to do the T stitch

The T stitch is a different kind of stitch from the variations that are included in the tent stitch. It is a relatively airy needlepoint stitch and it should only be used when you want the canvas to show through the needlework. While all the tent stitches like the half cross, the continental and the basketweave cover the entire canvas with the colors of yarn that you are using, the T stitch shou...


How to do the basketweave stitch

The basket-weave stitch belongs to the family of tent stitches that include others like the continental and half cross. Along with the continental stitch it is one of the most common stitches that are used in needlepoint. The stitch is worked in a diagonal manner and when you start doing the stitch you will wonder why the name has been given to the stitch. This is mainly because of the patter th...


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