Other tools for needlepoint

Other than the canvas and the needlepoint threads that are the main part of the needlepoint project that you are creating, there are other tools that you will need to make any needlepoint project possible. Needles are required in order to guide the thread through the canvas. The needle that you select for your project needs to be in conjunction with the kind of thread and size of the canvas that...


Needlepoint canvas

The needlepoint canvas is one of the most basic supplies that are used in needlepoint. If you are not just doing needlepoint to pass time and are serious about the projects that you are taking up, you should ensure that you have adequate knowledge of the canvases that are available. Here are the various kinds of canvasses that can be used in needlepoint. Mono deluxe is an evenly spaced canvas th...


Needlepoint thread

Needlepoint thread can be made from a large variety of material. Typically needlepoint thread is made from wool, silk, cotton or metal. One of the easiest ways in which you can classify needlepoint thread is based on the shape of the thread. It is not a good idea to change the shape of the thread that you are using in a project because different shapes create different characteristics of the sti...


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