How to do the T stitch

The T stitch is a different kind of stitch from the variations that are included in the tent stitch. It is a relatively airy needlepoint stitch and it should only be used when you want the canvas to show through the needlework. While all the tent stitches like the half cross, the continental and the basketweave cover the entire canvas with the colors of yarn that you are using, the T stitch should only be used when you have a canvas that has a good and complimentary color. It is therefore not a great stitch to use on Penelope canvas since it has double threads that can be seen.

The T stitch is relatively economical because you end up using a much lesser amount of thread in the same area than if you were using the basketweave. To make the T stitch you will need to use the same fundamentals of the continental stitch except for the fact that each row of stitches faces the opposite direction. In addition to that you will also have to ensure that the continental stitch that you do should skip one hole in the row that you are making in order to ensure that there is space for the other stitch to come in.

Essentially this would mean that you will continue to work in the same direction without turning your canvas just ensuring that you skip a hole while working a row. A great stitch to use when you want to fill up a large area with one color without wasting too much thread or taking too much time!



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