How to do the continental stitch in needlepoint?

The continental stitch is probably one of the easiest stitches that there are in needlepoint. What you need is a canvas that you are comfortable handling, a needle and a thread. If you are just practicing the continental stitch you can choose any yarn and any piece of canvas. On the other hand, if you starting off on your project make sure that you buy the supplies that have been detailed in the...


Can you provide some tips for doing needlepoint embroidery?

It is important to know that almost all the stitches that are used in needlepoint are slanted up to the right. While there are some people who prefer to slant their work towards the left too. The only thing is that the right slant is the more commonly used direction and you are likely to find instructions with regards to this direction alone. Therefore you would be better off practicing the same...


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