Can you provide some tips for doing needlepoint embroidery?

It is important to know that almost all the stitches that are used in needlepoint are slanted up to the right. While there are some people who prefer to slant their work towards the left too. The only thing is that the right slant is the more commonly used direction and you are likely to find instructions with regards to this direction alone. Therefore you would be better off practicing the same direction all the time to get better at it.

Needlepoint can get boring after a while because it involves the use of the same kind of stitch over and over again. If you feel that you are getting a bit tired then start with another color in another area and you should be able to break the tedium. If you are using masking tape in hot or humid weather you may have a tough time when you remove it since it can leave marks. Artist's tape on the other hand is not likely to leave any stains.

It is common for the thread to twist as you work. It is therefore recommended that you allow the needle to dangle and allow the thread to unwind. If you want your needlepoint work to look neat and tidy then you should maintain the right level of tension in the thread at all times. If the thread is too loose the canvas can start to show and if the thread is too tight it can cause the canvas to get distorted.



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