Needlepoint canvas

The needlepoint canvas is one of the most basic supplies that are used in needlepoint. If you are not just doing needlepoint to pass time and are serious about the projects that you are taking up, you should ensure that you have adequate knowledge of the canvases that are available. Here are the various kinds of canvasses that can be used in needlepoint.

Mono deluxe is an evenly spaced canvas that has holes of the same size. It is generally made with a single cotton thread and is available in a variety of fabric count sizes. The sizes range from 10 holes per inch to 22 holes per inch. The 18 holes per inch size is the most popular.

Interlock is another popular canvas. It is also a single mesh like the mono deluxe but it is woven with 2 cotton threads that are twisted and glued together at the intersections. The sizes that this canvas is available in start from 3 and go all the way up to 18. It is also a stiffer canvas and remains stable at lower counts. This is the canvas that you would want to use to create rugs.

Penelope or double mesh canvas is created when cotton thread are woven from side by side in both directions. There are large and small squares that are created in this kind of a canvas and therefore you shall be able to change count size as and when you would want to. The plastic canvas is made from vinyl and is extra stiff and sturdy.



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