Other tools for needlepoint

Other than the canvas and the needlepoint threads that are the main part of the needlepoint project that you are creating, there are other tools that you will need to make any needlepoint project possible. Needles are required in order to guide the thread through the canvas. The needle that you select for your project needs to be in conjunction with the kind of thread and size of the canvas that you are using. If you are using a stiff canvas you will need to ensure that the needle is sturdy and thick in order to ensure that it does not get bent in the process of doing needlepoint embroidery.

Needle threader is also a great investment since it can save you a lot of time that you would otherwise spend in threading a needle. Scissors are obviously an important tool when you are working with thread and canvas. Those that have a notched edge are great for ripping. The frame stand and frame should also be bought. The frame helps the needlepoint canvas to stay in place and the frame stand holds the frame when in use. There are options of frame stands that can be placed on the table or the floor and those that can be placed in the lap as well.

The fray check can be used to check the frizzy ends of the fiber. While this tool is not a necessity it comes in handy when you are using specialty threads that have a larger amount of frizz. Penny balloons or rubber disc grips are used when your hands are slippery and you need to grab the needle while pulling out of the canvas.



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